Why Just Wait?

Every day, an average of 22 veterans commit suicide. It is a staggering number that brings the military community to its knees. But who is keeping track of the spouses?  Who is documenting and studying the staggering effects of secondary trauma and compassion fatigue that run rampant in our military spouse community? Who is listening to the war widow or caregiver who feels so alone she takes her life?

We may have no numbers to document these spouses, but they are never forgotten.  Their pain, their stories, and their struggles are not unique, nor are they in vain if someone listens.

We are listening.
We see you.
We hear you.

Justwait.us is dedicated to ending the epidemic of military spouse suicide. In one unified voice, we stand, ready to listen. In their own words, listen as spouses detail their struggle, their pain, their journey through the darkness. Hear them as they reach out to their fellow spouses with one unified plea: Just wait. There is more beyond the darkness.